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Mission Statement

Back to motion – with reliability, compassion and appreciation

Nobody is fond of going to the doctor’s. When you come to see us, it is usually because you are suffering from pain and an impaired mobility affecting your quality of life.

We are no demigods, but people like you, who know pain and sports injuries from our own experience and know what it is like to sit in a doctor’s waiting room and to undergo medical treatment.

And that is exactly why we understand how you feel when you come to see us.

Our mission statement is above all based on empathy, understanding and respect!

  • We respect your time and carefully plan all our processes and treatments to minimize your waiting time.
  • Whether or not you are in pain, we understand that you do not need anyone to confound or intimidate you with technical terms. So our medical expertise will not keep us from treating you at eye level.
  • We know that you want to spend as little time as possible with us and that you most probably would prefer not to come again at all. We help you to achieve this by offering state-of-the art therapies, combined with our professional expertise.

We at Sporthomedic, without exception, treat you in a reliable, friendly, polite and appreciative manner. Whether it be our reception staff, our medical specialists or our administrative employees: each and everyone of us has always time for a smile and a friendly hello.

Your health is our top priority. In order to offer you the perfect treatment we have to listen to you, understand you and respect you. Only then can we provide an effective treatment individually tailored just for you.

Convince yourself of this combination of professional and human competence and let us help you to get back into motion and regain your quality of life!

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